Project Description

Embarking on a journey in the vibrant landscape of Turkish media, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and implementing a cost effective with high quality end structure  in the heart of Istanbul for Oztuna, a prominent production company housing both TV and radio studios. The goal was to redefine broadcasting excellence.

The studio’s architecture seamlessly incorporated leading audio technologies, featuring eminent brands such as Soundcraft, TASCAM, Audio Technica, and the Myriad Playout system. This meticulous selection ensured a superior auditory experience, setting a new standard for media excellence in Turkey.

Taking a comprehensive approach, I led the installation, configuration, and setup of the entire studio infrastructure. This involved not only integrating hardware and software but also fine-tuning each component for optimal performance, reflecting a commitment to delivering flawless broadcasts.

In addition to designing and implementing the studio, I conducted thorough training sessions for the Oztuna team, empowering them to navigate and operate the sophisticated setup with confidence. This included specialized training for the news team, ensuring they were adept in utilizing the studio’s capabilities for compelling broadcasts.

Further elevating the studio’s capabilities, I facilitated seamless integration with VMix, Skype, and Zoom, providing Oztuna with enhanced communication and content creation possibilities. Moreover, the implementation of Audio over IP technology, utilizing Sonifex Encoder and Decoder, contributed to efficient and cost-effective high-quality audio transmission.

With redundancy measures in place, including main and backup changovers for the studio and redundancy for encoders and decoders, I ensured a robust and reliable broadcasting infrastructure for Oztuna.

My contribution to Oztuna in Turkey epitomizes a commitment to advancing media broadcasting through innovative design, technology integration, comprehensive training, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.