Project Description

In 2018, I undertook the exciting challenge of designing a cutting-edge Podcast Studio in the dynamic landscape of Dubai. This venture aimed for the highest echelons of professionalism, incorporating elite audio technologies, including Soundcraft, TASCAM, and Audio Technica.

My responsibilities encompassed the end-to-end process — from the meticulous design of the studio to the installation, configuration, and setup of the sophisticated audio infrastructure. This comprehensive approach ensured that the studio not only met but exceeded industry standards.

Conducting training sessions was an integral part of this project, empowering the podcasting team with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the advanced capabilities of the studio effectively. The training extended beyond operation to cover maintenance, fostering self-sufficiency within the team.

A notable aspect of this project was overcoming the unique challenge of soundproofing. Addressing this challenge involved employing innovative solutions to create an acoustically controlled environment, guaranteeing optimal recording conditions for high-quality podcasts.

My work on the Podcast Studio in Dubai reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of podcasting, combining top-tier technology with meticulous design, and overcoming challenges to create a space where creativity and professionalism converge seamlessly.