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Zaher Sadeddin Rihawi • Broadcast System Consultant

About Me

I am Zaher Sadeddin Rihawi, a dedicated and accomplished professional in the dynamic intersection of media broadcasting and information technology. With a robust engineering background and extensive experience managing technical departments, I bring a wealth of expertise to every project I undertake.

Throughout my career, I have held pivotal positions in renowned media organizations, offering engineering consultancy and overseeing diverse projects. I’ve successfully managed and supervised technical departments, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance. My expertise extends across a spectrum of roles, including operations, workflow optimization, human resources, and media training organizations.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering and a post-graduate diploma in Engineering Management, I possess a solid educational foundation. I continually enhance my skills through certifications, including those in engineering management and various broadcast systems.

My project portfolio boasts numerous achievements that have left a significant impact on the media industry. From innovating news broadcasting formats to establishing cutting-edge podcast studios for live streaming of video and audio content, and overseeing complex relocations of media production facilities, I bring a diverse set of skills to the table.

Beyond technical prowess, I am proficient in installing and utilizing various studio systems and broadcast devices. I have a strong grasp of satellite systems, IP video codecs, video compression standards, and post-production workflows. My expertise also extends to designing, configuring, and implementing end-to-end solutions. I excel in troubleshooting and take pride in delivering concise technical reports.

With a “Can do” attitude, I take initiative in every project, ensuring success through effective problem-solving and meticulous attention to detail. My skills extend to operations, workflow enhancement, human resources management, and contributing to media training organizations.

If you have inquiries or require professional services in media production infrastructure, project management, event management, project studies, operations, workflow optimization, human resources, or media training organizations, I am here to help. Feel free to reach out to me through the provided contact information or connect with me on LinkedIn.



Work Skills.

  1. Consultation Expertise:
    • Proven ability to provide strategic consultation on broadcast system design and implementation.
  2. Needs Analysis:
    • Proficient in conducting comprehensive needs assessments to tailor solutions to client requirements.
  3. System Optimization:
    • Specialized in optimizing broadcast systems for efficiency and performance.
  4. Workflow Design:
    • Skilled in designing streamlined workflows that enhance overall broadcasting operations.
  5. Project Management:
    • Experienced in project management, ensuring timely and successful system implementations.
  6. Technical Advisory:
    • Trusted advisor on technical matters related to broadcast systems.
  7. Client Collaboration:
    • Adept at collaborating with clients to understand their broadcasting goals and aligning solutions accordingly.
  8. Technical Documentation:
    • Proficient in creating clear and concise technical documentation for client reference.
  9. Training and Support:
    • Capable of providing training and ongoing support to client teams for effective system utilization.
  10. Innovation Integration:
    • Brings innovative solutions to integrate the latest technologies into broadcast systems.
  11. Troubleshooting Expertise:
    • Strong troubleshooting skills to address technical challenges promptly and effectively.
  12. Cost-Effective Solutions:
    • Focused on delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  13. Vendor Management:
    • Skilled in managing relationships with vendors to ensure seamless system integration.
  14. Client Education:
    • Proficient in educating clients on the functionality and benefits of their broadcast systems.



Elevating broadcast experiences through a mastery of technology and a commitment to innovation. Explore a dynamic skill set tailored for RESULTS DRIVEN DESIGN
Time Management
Negotiation Skills
Team Collaboration
Attention to Detail
Client Education



Embark on a journey through impactful broadcast solutions, where expertise meets innovation. Before we delve into notable client collaborations, discover the prowess behind our RESULTS DRIVEN DESIGN approach
  • Orient TV, Dubai, UAE:
    • Pioneering media broadcaster in Dubai, contributing to their technical advancements and optimizing broadcast workflows.
  • Live Point Art Production, Dubai, UAE:
    • A creative force in the heart of Dubai, collaborating to enhance their production capabilities for impactful visual storytelling.
  • Orient Media Training Center, Dubai, UAE:
    • Facilitating knowledge and skill development in the media industry, contributing technical expertise to empower aspiring professionals.
  • Turkey Istanbul Oztuna:
    • Partnering with Oztuna in Istanbul to elevate their broadcast capabilities, bringing technical excellence to the media landscape in Turkey.
  • Kalam Research, Dubai, UAE:
    • Supporting Kalam Research in Dubai with cutting-edge broadcast solutions, adding technological depth to their research initiatives.
  • Libya TV, Amman, Jordan:
    • Collaborating with Libya TV in Amman, Jordan, to enhance their broadcasting infrastructure and contribute to their media presence.
  • Al Aan TV, Dubai, UAE:
    • Supporting Al Aan TV in Dubai with strategic broadcast consultancy, ensuring their content reaches audiences with maximum impact.
  • Tower Media Middle East Fz LLC, Dubai, UAE:
    • Contributing technical expertise to Tower Media in Dubai, playing a pivotal role in optimizing their media operations in the Middle East.


Media Consulting Services

  1. Project Management Excellence:
    •  From the inception of media-related projects to construction, electrical work, and HVAC systems, I offer end-to-end project management. Your vision is seamlessly translated into reality with a focus on efficiency and quality.
  2. Technical Staff Training:
    •  Elevate your team’s capabilities with specialized technical training. From mastering advanced equipment operation to understanding the intricacies of media production, I empower your staff with the skills needed for peak performance.
  3. Revenue Stream Studies and Consultation:
    •  Unlock untapped potential in your media venture through revenue stream studies. I provide strategic consultations to identify new income sources, optimize existing ones, and enhance the overall financial health of your media organization.
  4. Audio and Video Event Management:
    •  Ensure your events make a lasting impact with professional audio and video management. From conceptualization to execution, I orchestrate seamless audio and video experiences for your events, creating an immersive environment for your audience.


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